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Vogue Nails

About Vogue Nails

Vogue Nails is a premier nail salon located in the heart of downtown. With a team of highly skilled nail technicians, Vogue Nails offers top-quality manicures, pedicures, and nail art services in a clean and luxurious environment.

From classic French tips to trendy gel designs, Vogue Nails provides a wide range of options to cater to every client’s unique style and preference. The salon also uses only the highest quality products to ensure long-lasting and flawless results.

In addition to nail services, Vogue Nails also offers waxing, eyebrow tinting, and eyelash extensions to provide a full-service beauty experience for its clients.

With a reputation for professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, Vogue Nails has become a go-to destination for those seeking a pampering and relaxing nail care experience. Book an appointment today and treat yourself to a day of luxury at Vogue Nails.

Address: 9 NJ-27, Edison, NJ 08820, United States


Call: (732) 548-1138, +1 732-548-1138

Rating: 4.6

Total Customer Rating: 72

Salon Open Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Customer Says:

Aaliyah King
Went here last month for a same day pedicure after being turned away from another salon and let me tell you what a happy experience it was! I brought my own gel polish which they were surprised but very happy and accommodating about. The clients were all very happy and i could tell they were all loyal and the owner was talking to everyone. My nail tech was a little shy but she did an amazing job!!!! It’s been a month and still my feet look and feel good. Will highly recommend and will probably treat my mother to this nice experience next time. The massage she did on my feet and calves almost had me in such happy tears! I can’t wait to go back. Thank you guys so much. Pictures are from when I first got it done and 1 month later
Deepti Pillay
I have been going to Vogue to get gel manicures and pedicures for the past 5 years and I have not been able to find any other nail salon that makes me feel as comfortable or special as this place right here.

I have tried a couple of different places when I have been on a time crunch or was not able to get appointments that fit my schedule and I keep coming back here.

I usually get solid gel manicures, but I have also have got French manicures in multiple iterations and matte gel manicures and they have always come out looking amazing.

J and her team always make me feel welcome with their smiles and conversations and they go that extra mile with their service and care.

Love this place and cannot recommend it enough to everyone who is looking for nice, kind people taking care of their spa needs.

Emily Soto
Really sad I have to put 1/5 stars now. I’ve been coming to this salon for over 6 months and felt really welcomed until today. I went in today to get pedicures done and left really unsatisfied. Not only has the nail polish start to come off, I saw a different side of the owner today.

I got color and my partner got no color at all (not even clear and her pricing on the board said $20). I heard the owner say $55 so we sent her $65. She proceeds to scold us and say “how are you leaving $5 for two people?” My partner and I were sort of shocked and confused until I finally understood. We sent her an extra $5 but we left really unsatisfied with the professionalism of how she handled the situation. Everyone in the salon looked at us and we felt really embarrassed how she scolded us and proceeded to talk badly about us in front of us to her client. I unfortunately don’t even want to come here anymore despite the amazing nail techs she has who are very professional as well as telling the other clients I brought to her about this situation.

Sometimes a technician is not able to get smooth finish because of lack of training or poor quality of nail paint used etc, which is okay, we are humans, however, aggression towards a customer is not what you expect of a business.

This is how my nails were done – thick, smudged with bubbles at places. When I let the owner know, she started getting aggressive and was rude to the core, said sentences like “I don’t like customers who complain”. First she started blaming me for not letting the technician know that I only want two coats of nail paint, not three. The technician herself agreed that it’s not me, it’s she who suggested a third coat as she was not able to get a smooth finish with two coats. When she realized blaming me is not working, then the owner started giving excuses in extremely rude way and started fighting for a tip after such poor service and misbehavior.

Pathetic experience!

Yu Tsu Chen
I visited this nail salon in April 2018 when I just moved to Edison. It was my first time here and I was extremely disappointed and feeling insulted. I had a pink manicure that day, and was served by one of the Korean lady.

When she was trimming my nails, she tried to peel off a tiny piece of skin around one of the nail and my finger started bleeding immediately. Instead of stopping the bleeding first, she applied alcohol directly on the wound, it was so painful I almost burst into tears.

She then started painting all my nails with a almost dry out bottle of pink polish. Instead of changing to a new bottle or suggesting me to change to another color. making the manicure very heavy / cakey and uneven.

After all this time, I just wanted to share my experience. Although it has been a few years, I really hope you guys can treat every single customer professionally (especially first time customer). and please do improve employee training. the quality of service I got from here was 100% unacceptable.


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