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Missouri in Kansas City, MO

Missouri in Kansas City, MO

About Missouri

Missouri is a local business located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, known for its unique selection of home goods and gifts. From handcrafted furniture to locally-made decor, Missouri offers a curated collection of products that highlight the talent and creativity of Missouri artisans.

With a focus on sustainability and supporting the local community, Missouri sources its products from small businesses and independent makers in the area. Customers can feel good about their purchases, knowing they are directly supporting the local economy and helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship.

In addition to its retail offerings, Missouri also hosts workshops and events to engage with customers and promote the importance of handcrafted goods. The store has become a beloved destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind pieces and a taste of Missouri’s vibrant arts scene. Visit Missouri today and discover the beauty and charm of locally-made products.

Address: Missouri, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA


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