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Mike & Kimmie Nails

Mike & Kimmie Nails

About Mike & Kimmie Nails

Mike & Kimmie Nails is a trendy nail salon located in the heart of downtown. With a team of skilled nail technicians, Mike & Kimmie Nails offers a wide range of nail services including manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylic nails, nail art, and more.

The salon prides itself on providing top-notch customer service in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Clients can sit back and relax while enjoying a pampering nail treatment using high-quality products and tools.

In addition to nail services, Mike & Kimmie Nails also offers waxing and eyelash extensions to help clients achieve a complete beauty transformation.

Whether you are looking for a simple manicure or a full glam nail design, Mike & Kimmie Nails is the go-to destination for all your nail care needs. Book an appointment today and experience the ultimate pampering session at Mike & Kimmie Nails.

Address: 212 E McFarlan St, Dover, NJ 07801, United States


Call: (973) 366-3577, +1 973-366-3577

Rating: 3.8

Total Customer Rating: 60

Salon Open Hours:

Customer Says:

Alexandra San Martin
I have been getting my nails done with Julie for a few months now. I had been looking for a good nail tech for months and came across Julies instagram. When I came for the first time Julie provided me with excellent service, she is professional and very hard working I can tell how exhausted she is when she is done with all her appointments since she sincerely runs this place and she isn’t even the owner. She is extremely creative, talented and do anything you show her, she continues to surprise me every-time I book with her!
A longtime client since I first went in to get my nails done for prom, no one does nails like Julie does! Extremely skilled, professional, and wonderful personality, Julie really holds down the fort acting as the lead tech here. Despite the craziness we’ve seen businesses go through since COVID, she has managed to keep this shop afloat despite the hurdles. Always cleanly and capable of any design Ive shown her, she’s become a favorite among all those I urge to go to Mike & Kimmies. Always a pleasure to visit. The only con is that I feel this shop needs a little more TLC and not physically but for the staff. Over the years Ive watched their team dwindle and the load gets put on Julie which is sad to see, but she’s always positive and hard working while trying to manage it all. I think if Mike put a little more care into the staff, materials, and workflow it would a tremendous difference and definitely make both clients and personnel much happier. I’ve seen techs here using materials that they buy on their own because the shop doesn’t provide it for them and it’s completely unnecessary when they have a strong business, enough to provide their staff with all the tools they need for amazing nail designs. Especially these days with all modern designs and nail obsessions. Nothing wrong with the service itself, the nail techs here are wonderful and do amazing work, but if the owner put just a little more energy into helping his staff along with providing all the tools & materials they need, it would go a long way. But i can tell you that visiting here will provide a beautiful set of sturdy nails that are worth every penny!
Summer is the best! My nails are always spot on and her designs are incredible. She also is easy to conversate with, and makes time go by fast. the salon itself is very clean and lovely inside. I finally found a nail technician that genuinely cares about doing a good job. Everywhere else I’ve been my nails start lifting after a week, but with this salon my nails don’t start lifting for about a month. this goes to show that the products they use are great quality. Love this place! Will continue to keep coming here.
Harue Yurasi
I had an appointment at 11:30
We spent about 4 hours at this salon
And I was told to wait bc there was someone else who had arrived an also had appointment.

I tried to help the lady and said okay
I came back and to be honest my five years old paints better then this place .

On top of that I had to wait an additional half an hour for someone to be available to do my design bc the lady who initially helped me out was not
Able to do so .

Then the wiener who was a male yelled at me bc I told him I had been waiting
This was horrific , never coming back

Manda G.
I’ve been coming for years! I have never had an extrem problem with my nails. And if something happens the day of when I got them done… they will fix it. It happens, but I love coming here. They know their customers if you keep going. They value their customers.

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