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35th Ave & Missouri Ave in Kansas City, MO

35th Ave & Missouri Ave in Kansas City, MO

About 35th Ave & Missouri Ave

35th Ave & Missouri Ave is a bustling intersection in Phoenix, Arizona that is home to a variety of businesses catering to the needs of the surrounding community. From local shops and restaurants to service-oriented businesses, this intersection has something for everyone.

One prominent business at this intersection is a popular grocery store offering a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, and packaged goods. Customers can find everything they need for their weekly shopping trips in a convenient and well-maintained location.

In addition to the grocery store, there are also several smaller businesses in the area, including a coffee shop, a pharmacy, and a hair salon. These establishments cater to the daily needs and preferences of the local residents, providing a sense of community and convenience.

Overall, 35th Ave & Missouri Ave is a hub of activity and commerce in Phoenix, offering a diverse range of businesses to meet the needs of its residents.

Address: Phoenix, AZ, United States


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